About Us

Concierge Technologies is a diversified holding company specializing in a broad spectrum of industries. As a conglomerate holding company, our investment strategy has more options when it comes to capital allocation which we believe is central to our overall value proposition.

Concierge Technologies is listed on the OTCQB exchange under the symbol “CNCG” and presently operates through its wholly owned subsidiary companies Kahnalytics, Inc. and Gourmet Foods, Ltd.

Our Mission

To invest in and build great companies, and in doing so, create shareholder value through proper management of resources and profitable operation of our subsidiary operating companies and benefit a wide variety of stakeholders from investors, employees, customers and suppliers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to acquire other diverse companies who are established, profitable, have in-place management teams, sustainable business models and can be purchased for a fair price.

how can we help you?

Contact us at 866.800.2978, or submit a business inquiry online anytime at info@conciergetechnology.net.