Concierge Technologies is a diversified holding company specializing in a broad spectrum of industries. As a conglomerate holding company, our investment strategy has more options when it comes to capital allocation which we believe is central to our overall value proposition.

IndustriesOur goal is to acquire other diverse companies who are established, profitable, have in-place management teams, sustainable business models and can be purchased for a reasonable price.

Food Industry

Established commercial-scale companies with sustainable market share in their niche of product supply.


We’re not a “bleeding edge” company. We’re interested in support services and in creating value from existing technology hardware offerings.

Consumer Products

Have a good idea backed up with a patent and recipe for success but can’t fund the going-to-market expense? We may be able to help.

Energy and Environment

In today’s world of eco-friendly innovation we’re interested in pursuing opportunities to advance in the field. Alternative power, more efficient battery technology, crop yield improvements or efficient automated control systems are areas we’re passionate about.

Surface Transportation

With Kahnalytics as our entrant, we are improving fleet management capability, fleet monitoring and operational efficiencies and looking for like-minded companies to join us.

Security and Recurring Revenue Models

We’re working on, and have particular expertise in, recurring revenue models. Security alarm monitoring, subscription-based services and other forms of non-hardware related sales are of particular interest

Our Mission

To invest in and build great companies, and in doing so, create shareholder value through proper management of resources and profitable operation of our subsidiary operating companies and benefit a wide variety of stakeholders from investors, employees, customers and suppliers.

We provide our subsidiary companies a level of assistance that leverages our expertise and positions Concierge Technologies as a value-added partner..

We are dedicated to working cooperatively with management to build long-term value.